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Fundamentals of Creativity

The issue of creativity is somewhat complicated to address, firstly because many experts say that creativity is innate, others comment that you can learn, that is why different courses and diplomas are designed for professionals who are in the marketing industry and advertising.


We consider that if we can take specific advice to acquire what we call creativity, some of them are depersonalization, empathy, going out to the outside world and stepping on the street, conducting market and customer research, observing the environment, among others; For this reason, there are some fundamentals that make creativity emerge. We present the five main ones.


There is no lone ranger

Creativity is born and is much stronger and productive when we are in constant relationship with people and the environment, observe the great advertising creatives, do not live in an isolated world, they know that the union is strength and develop significant campaigns to through their work teams.


Record everything that happens

Something fundamental to develop creativity is that we have a record of everything, either on paper or invoice notes, your documents can become insights that you can use in the not too distant future. Do not forget to organize your notes so that it is easier for you to identify them when you are looking for them.


Nothing is “Very Silly” or “Unusable”

Never underestimate an idea, however far from the central concept. Adapt your ideas, modify them, surely you have to take into account the parameters of the campaign that you will perform as the target, budget, etc., but never discard an idea the first time, you can polish it and turn it into a great success.


just relax

Do not block yourself because sometimes you can not think of something too good to be implemented, and it is necessary to be well with you so that ideas can flow in a clear and constant manner.


Do things you’ve never done before

Having new experiences puts you in new situations that, at the same time, open your mind to better solutions. The worst enemy of creativity is routine, and you must learn to break with it and open a new panorama that leads you to contribute new creative ideas.


Being creative has many advantages, and it is a gratifying job; however, it is not easy, but neither is it impossible, start by putting these little foundations into practice so that you can exercise your creative muscle.

The Lie in Advertising


They say that neither children nor drunks lie, but the truth is that we all do, period. But have you thought how many times a day we cheat or cheat? Fake news, dubious promotions, gossip, slander and excess information, make lying a part of our life whether we like it or not. In the street, home or office, we are riddled with messages of all kinds, some more false than others, lying is a weapon that sometimes we shoot to survive, and in others, we are the target of your rifle.

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“All advertising is made up of lies. ” After working for more than ten years in what some call the deception industry, this adage is modified every time I hear it. I have seen many tricks of how to sell something by enhancing real attributes or demystifying objections, but the most surprising thing is to distinguish the levels of perversion that some arrive to sound their cash register.


As I mentioned before, although we all lie, nobody likes to be tricked, let alone make a mark. In an advertising agency, on the one hand, we have the customer, to whom we are responsible for giving commercial solutions and on the other side, there is their consumer, who has to be told why such a product suits him, creatively and to stand out from the rest in the market.


The jocose lie can be a deception with humor, a handy resource in advertising. To allude to the joke to empathise is common, but we must be careful that no one is hurt.


Never write an ad which you would not want your family to read.


You would not tell lies to your wife. Do not tell them to mine.


– David Ogilvy


In the mid 50’s in the US at the end of World War II, advertising began its peak, the media sold the American dream and a good life full of things that were often not essential, cars, appliances, cigarettes, beverages and much more , they invited us to satisfy needs or achieve aspirations.


Distorting reality is Machiavellian that can lead us to cynicism and lie with treachery to seduce is pathetic. We have all found (or created) advertisements of incredible promotions, which paint a truth that is not, we are more sensitive to the public and not statistically treat them, but as what they are: people. The goal that advertising creatives have is to connect our client with their audience, ingeniously and ethically.


The insatiable thirst of customers to shout the benefits of their products, makes publicists look for arguments to convince him of what he needs, above his desire.


Lying goes beyond words; it can also be reflected in behaviour. If a character or brand is congruent between what he says and does, his integrity does not matter, paradoxically what matters is credibility. Can you imagine El Deforma spreading real news, or Donald Trump is a man of integrity? That would be an anomaly, right?


In Jim Carry’s film, Liar Liar, we realise that although we were morally taught no one could support it in its entirety. Exaggerating reality is not considered a lie, convincing through deception itself. What we are committed to being to say it interestingly and originally, so we can find a new dimension of scalable and use creativity in the service of marketing.


With the arrival of social networks, idealization and makeup in Instagram or Facebook publications have established a new parameter of the real and the simulated, to become something socially acceptable. In the end, it is a matter of form and how we project a reality.


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